To make the world greener, responsible, and more productive with technology.
Our Purpose
To engage corporates, financial institutions, and suppliers as the world transitions to a fully circular, digital economy.
Our Mission
Built by a team with long-standing ESG expertise to tackle all the pain points of enterprise (large or small) and investor ESG procedures.
ESGhub provides the infrastructure for companies to achieve their sustainability goals.
Our Mission
Whether that is business risk assessment, operational responsibility, access to green capital, or meeting ever-evolving regulatory standards.
All things ESGin one platform

Meet the Experts

Our team of finance and sustainability maestros are dedicated to challenging the status quo and building impactful solutions to modernize and greenify our planet. Passion and out-the-box thinking are at the core of who we are.

Jason Tu

Co-founder & CEO

Entrepreneurship is like a fine-tuned orchestra.CEO is the conductor, not the lead-singer.

Tao Liu

Co-founder & CTO

Be an 'optimistic pessimist'.Take the road less traveled.


To me, the opportunities at MioTech are like winning the mushrooms 🍄 in SuperMario – I will never not grasp them with both hands, because they are necessary in allowing me to grow.


Developing a product from 0-100 requires thinking outside the box. From conception to deployment, we must strategize and plan, whilst being unafraid to take risks and test boundaries.


Every day at MioTech is a mystery jelly bean. You don't know what flavor you're going to get, but it's always going to be good. This is because the purpose, mindset, and talent we embrace here turn challenges into opportunities for creativity and learning.

A Global Team
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a Global Concern
Whether we're maintaining data pipelines, enhancing platform usability, driving innovation in data science, or uncovering new opportunities, our team is hell-bent on moving the ESG industry forward.




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